About StoryBrook

Surrounded by natural beauty, the rustic splendor of this premier venue  is nestled in the center of Fablewood Farms  in beautiful Canal Fulton.    StoryBrook  is much more than a barn.  Equipped with a functional kitchen,  private walkway, and full service bar and lounge area, this venue is a taste of the high-life.  This gorgeous property can easily be tailored to your dream and is a perfect match for a wide variety of wedding themes.


Leave the Planning to Professionals

Alongside every great venue is a professional planner that knows how to get things done.  

At Mobile Wedding, our expert staff consistantly delivers  a new standard of quality and service to our guests.   You're getting married!  Don't you want to enjoy you're engagement?

Life doesn't stop once you're engaged.  Work, bills, and family cannot be shoved aside for you to plan your wedding.    When you book the StoryBrook Barn you're instantly connected to industry leaders in the event planning industry.   Photography, videography, enterainment and catering.  We have it all!


What Else is Special About Storybrook Barn?

The Stage

Whether you want a raised headtable or a place for your favorite band, Storybrook's stage takes elegance to another level.    Complete with soundbooth and service,  we'll go the extra mile to get everyone moving.


Storybrook can offer the royal treatment to 200+ guests at any given time of the year.
 Though we have a limit, we'll always go great lengths to ensure comfort and work around your guest count.

The Staff

Our staff provides a top-rated performance whether your transitioning from the grand march or starting the reception.  



"Our number one goal is to connect brides to the products and services they need to make their dreams a reality.  At Mobile Wedding, we believe every bride should be treated like a princess on their wedding day."

Brenda Gainer- President of Mobile Wedding